UWA Profiles and Research Repository


The UWA Profiles and Research Repository is managed in accordance with the UWA Intellectual Property Policy and Australian copyright law. All reasonable care is taken to ensure that materials included in the repository do not infringe copyright.

  1. Theses and research publications copyright
  2. Ownership of copyright
  3. Publisher permission
  4. Post prints
  5. Use of materials and end user rights
  6. "Take down" policy

Theses and research publications copyright

Information about copyright for theses, including third party material used, can be found in the Copyright for Higher Degree Theses guide. For research publications where the full text is available in the repository, staff make every endeavour to observe and abide by current publishers’ policies and Australia's law in relation to open access institutional repositories.

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Ownership of copyright

The UWA Profiles and Research Repository makes no claims regarding the ownership of copyright. Copyright owners retain the copyright for their material stored in the Repository.

UWA Profiles and Research Repository staff have no knowledge of, or access to, the publishers' agreements signed by authors. There is no way for them to know if these agreements assign or license copyright. In many instances these agreements were signed some time ago and may no longer be available.

The UWA Profiles and Research Repository obtains permission from the publisher of each research publication before publishing it (the full text) into the Repository.

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Publisher permission

Publishers' permission policies are obtained from the RoMEO database. Where a publisher is not listed on either of these sites, permission is sought directly from the publisher to include works they have published in the repository.

Publisher copyright permissions for making full text materials available in the Repository may specify either the published or post print version is permitted. In those cases where full text can’t be made available, the UWA Profiles and Research Repository provides detailed information about the publication (in most cases this includes the abstract) and where the publication may be found.

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The UWA Profiles and Research Repository will only request the author's post-print if it has been established that the publisher does not allow the published version to be archived in the UWA Profiles and Research Repository.

Oxford University Press’ definition of post-print defines it as “... the final draft author manuscript, as accepted for publication, including modifications based on referees' suggestions but before it has undergone copy editing and proof correction.”

It may be similar to the published version in content, but it will differ in appearance to the published version. For example, it may not have the publisher's/journal's logos or formatting choices. It may be in either Word or PDF format.

The UWA Profiles and Research Repository will clearly state that the PDF attached is the post-print; however, all information (including the citation) will refer to the published version, and where possible a link to the published version (for example in a database) will be supplied.

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Use of materials and end-user rights

The University grants no end-user rights beyond those which are provided by the Australian Copyright Act 1968.

Users may make use of the material in the UWA Profiles and Research Repository providing due attribution is given and the use is in accordance with the Copyright Act 1968. Materials in the UWA Profiles and Research Repository cannot be re-communicated (for example, posted on another website) in their entirety, as this will infringe copyright.

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"Take Down" policy

Should a publisher or an author raise a complaint by emailing [email protected], that their copyright is being infringed by the UWA Profiles and Research Repository, the full text work in question will be immediately withdrawn from public access while the complaint is being investigated. All investigations arising from a take down request will be done in accordance with the University's Take-Down Procedures.

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