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Digital communication channels in the Library

The UWA libraries are visited almost 2 million times each year and within the libraries there are a variety of physical and digital facilities and spaces available to engage with visitors, including:

  1. Barry J Marshall Library Video Wall
  2. Student PC Desktop Backgrounds

The University Library curates content for these displays and video, image and powerpoint media is accepted according to the following guidelines:

  • Content should be relevant to the UWA community (eg, UWA events, UWA student projects/work, UWA student societies, Faculty/researchers work, etc) 
  • Commercial/advertising material will not be accepted.
  • Content should adhere to the UWA Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct.
  • Video wall and desktop background content requests/submissions are subject to review by the University Library.
  • There is no charge for advertising in the Library.

Developing content for Library screens

  • Less is more. Keep text short, sharp and catchy.
  • Think about the audience. Undergraduate students are the heaviest users of the libraries.
  • Images should be high resolution (especially for the video wall)
    • Barry J Marshall Library Video Wall

      The video wall in the foyer of the Barry J Marshall Library is a 1920 x 1080 Toshiba LCD Display consisting of 9 screens with a 5.6mm Bezel (gridline) in between them. It can display videos or still images.

      • Video files should be in .wmv or .mp4 format. The .mov format is not compatible. Please note that some large .mp4 files may not stream smoothly on the wall.
      • Powerpoint presentations should be created using the 16:9 ratio. Transition effects cannot be replicated.
      • When designing your slides/videos, try not to position important information on the gridlines.

      Send your video wall request to

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      Student PC Desktop Backgrounds

      There are over 500 student PCs in the six UWA libraries and desktop backgrounds can be booked for one week at a time for advertising.

      • Your image must be 44.5cm x 27.8cm (landscape). This a CUSTOM page setup in MS PowerPoint.
      • Your image must display the current UWA logo.
      • Be aware the Windows taskbar overlays the bottom 1cm of height so any text or graphics in this area will not be visible.
      • We require your final image to be provided one week prior to your booking.
      • Your image should be saved as a jpeg file and attached to an e-mail (not embedded).

      Send your student PC desktop background request (including preferred dates) to 

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