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Staff at UWA must comply with these requirements of the music licence.

Labelling copies

All copies of recordings must be labelled with the following notice:

This recording has been made by The University of Western Australia under the express terms of an educational licence between it, ARIA, AMCOS, APRA and PPCA, and may only be used as authorised by the University pursuant to the terms of that licence.

The following information must be provided on the packaging or with file distribution:

  • the title of each musical work
  • the name of each composer, lyricist and arranger of the musical work
  • if the recording is an ARIA sound recording, the artist/group name, and the record company label.

Moral rights

This licence agreement does not provide permission to perform any music and associated words so as to burlesque or parody the work; or perform any musical work with new or substituted lyrics, or any lyrics that have been notified by APRA as prohibited.

Copying surveys

Each year, UWA will be required to provide a snapshot of sound recordings held on information technology (IT) systems in central units as at 1 October.

Data will be collected on sound recordings copied and communicated in reliance on this Agreement and held on IT systems in central units within the participating universities, including UWA.

For this purpose it will be necessary for the University to identify those areas that will be regarded as a 'central unit' – that is, a central resource or facility for the electronic copying, storage and communication, in reliance on the music licence, of sound recordings for all or part of the University.

The Music Survey Manager, responsible for reporting survey results to the Universities Australia each year, will be the Copyright Officer in the Legal Services Office.