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Staff and students can access music for the educational activities of the University.

Copying music under the Copyright Act

Sheet music

  • The Statutory Licence under the Copyright Act (1968) allows a reasonable portion (10 per cent) of a musical work to be copied and distributed to students for the educational purposes of the University.
  • Section 200 of the Act allows the whole or part of a musical work to be reproduced for an examination or formal assessment.

Music performance

  • Section 28 allows the performance of a musical work in class.
  • A teacher or student can perform a work in class for teaching purposes. The performance can be recorded temporarily for assessment or instruction, but not retained permanently.
  • A student or teacher can play a recording or film of a musical work for teaching or instruction purposes.
  • The recording or film cannot be copied under this section.
  • Section 106 allows the University to play sound recordings of musical works providing they are played as part of the Institution's activities.

TV and radio programs

Copying music under a UWA music licence

A licence agreement between Australian music societies and Australian universities allows UWA to perform, copy or communicate musical works and sound recordings for educational purposes and for university events.

Under the agreement UWA staff and students can reproduce, communicate and perform an extensive repertoire of musical works without obtaining prior permission from the copyright holders.

Music allowances

Music limits

Compliance details

Students and music copyright

UWA pays an annual fee to the music collecting societies for access to music and sound recordings of their member artists and producers.