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The Statutory Licence covers the copying of broadcast material only. Pre-recorded, commercially produced audio visual material is dealt with separately.

Copying for educational purposes

To be covered by the Statutory Licence, the copying must be made by or on behalf of the University and only for the educational purposes of the University.

There are no limits on the type of material that can be copied (for example, advertising, documentary, drama) and you can copy all or part of the material and make any number of copies.

It is a requirement of the Licence that each analogue copy of a broadcast (that is, each video or audio cassette) be labelled. Under moral rights legislation, all copied material must be fully and accurately attributed.

Placing broadcasts online

Material copied from broadcasts can be communicated (placed online) for access by students for the teaching purposes of the University. The following procedures must be adhered to when placing broadcast material online.

  1. A copyright warning notice must be attached to the material in such a way that the viewer cannot avoid seeing the notice every time they access the material.
  2. Access to copied material made available online must be restricted to those UWA staff and students entitled to receive it - access must not be available to the public.
  3. Material that has been online for more than 12 months is deemed to have been copied and communicated a second time.

Screenrights has an agreement with universities whereby they survey the digital copying and communication of audio visual material within universities.

Pre-recorded (purchased and hired) audio visual material

It is prohibited to copy pre-recorded audio visual material that has been purchased.

You may play purchased audio visual material in class providing:

  • it is in the course of educational instruction (that is, not for entertainment)
  • all the people in the audience are giving or receiving instruction or are directly connected with the University.

It is also possible to play hired or rented audio visual material for educational purposes, but you should contact the Copyright Officer before proceeding to ensure compliance with contractual obligations.