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Two statutory licences under the Copyright Act allow universties to copy and/or communicate a limited amount of print and graphic material, or audio-visual material, for the educational purposes of the University.

Print and graphic statutory licence – Part VB

Copying allowances and procedures vary depending on the type of work you want to copy.

Broadcast audio visual statutory licence – Part VA

The licence is restricted to the copying of broadcast material, that is, material from television, cable or satelite television and radio. Pre-recorded, commercial audio-visual material is not covered by the Part VA licence.

The audio visual copying procedures contain details of the Part VA copying allowances and details of the use of pre-recorded purchased and hired audio visual material.


A requirement of the Part VA and VB licences is that UWA participates in copying surveys approximately every four years.

If your area is to be the subject of one of these surveys you will be advised of the details in advance.