Research Repository: University policies

The following University policies apply to the UWA Research Repository. Please contact if you have questions about these policies.

University Policy on: UWA Research Repository

The University Policy on: UWA Research Repository defines the scope, roles and responsibilities, and legal requirements for management and development of the Repository. The policy covers:

  • Content
  • Material stored in the Repository
  • Material not stored in the Repository
  • Access
  • Copyright
  • Roles and responsibilities

University Policy on: Code of Conduct for the Responsible Practice of Research

The University Policy on: Code of Conduct for the Responsible Practice of Research provides a framework for sound research practice and for the protection of individual research workers, including staff and postgraduate research students, as well as contracted agents, from possible misunderstandings.

Under this policy, the following activities are mandatory for UWA researchers:

  • Use of the Research Repository for publishing research data related to publications
  • Use of the Institutional Research Data Store
  • Use of Data Management Plans (and their retention in TRIM)
  • Use of Creative Commons licensing for datasets and publications – preferably CC-BY
  • Documenting grant IDs in publications
  • Correct use of the UWA by-line in publications
  • Recording all publications in the Research Repository
  • Use of ORCID identifiers

The University supports the principle of Open Access by making publications freely available online within twelve months of publication through the Research Repository. UWA authors are responsible for depositing copies of their publications in accordance with this policy. If this is impossible for legal or contractual reasons, this must be noted in the Repository.

UWA authors are encouraged to avoid transferring copyright to the publishers, and are asked to ensure that the publisher’s contract allows self-archiving of the Author’s Accepted Manuscript (AAM) in the Repository. If the contract does not allow self-archiving, UWA authors must request an additional clause in the contract allowing self-archiving:
“The author has the right to publically archive their revised, peer reviewed personal version of their paper in the institutional repository, provided a link to the version on the publisher website is included.”

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