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The Library and University IT uses recycled paper in all MFPs. The paper is carbon neutral and manufactured from 20 per cent post-consumer waste (collected from office waste). In addition, we provide a free scanning service on all library MFPs. Also USB scanners are available in some libraries.

All MFPs can be set to copy on both sides, and the two pages into one option is linked directly from the MFP display. We recycle all MFP and printer toner cartridges and provide paper recycling bins.

To print online follow these steps to submit your job to Web Print. This allows you to print your document whilst connected to Unifi.

Step one

Have your document saved and if you're using your own laptop connect it to Unifi.

The page size set in the layout settings of your document will determine the paper size used when printing via Web Print.  It is recommended to set a common page size such as A4 or A3.  In order to print a document in A3 the document page size must be A3 and you must release the print job using a printer capable of printing in A3.

Step two

If you are connected to a Library Computer click Details... from the box in the top right hand corner of the desktop.
Step 2.1


If you are using your own laptop connected
to Unifi, go to the PaperCut website:

Now login with your Pheme credentials.

Step 2.2

Step three

Select Web Print from the left hand column.

Step 3

Step four

Select Submit a Job from the right hand side.

Step 4

Step five

Select Albany Campus OR Perth Metro and printing option (for Perth Metro only).
Click 2. Print Options and Account Selection >>.

Step 5

Step six

Enter the number of copies desired.
Click 3. Upload Document >>.

Step 6

Step seven

Select Choose File, navigate to the file you wish to print and select Open.
Click Upload & Complete.

Step 7


Step eight

After a few seconds you should see ‘Your document was successfully submitted.’

Step 9

Step nine

If you are using a Library Computer, and your document contained colour, you will now be prompted to convert the job to mono.
    •    Yesif you want a mono document
    •    Noif you want a colour document

 Step 8


Step ten

Now follow the guide on how to use a Library Print Station to collect your print job.

• To convert your document to a Microsoft XPS or a PDF you can use this printing guide.
• If you're using your own device and the job has colour in it the cost will be listed at the colour price. However, if you use a mono Library Print Station then you will only be charged the mono price.
• Documents that are large or have images and algorithms can fail to print. You can use these printing tips.