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The Library and University IT uses recycled paper in all MFPs. The paper is carbon neutral and manufactured from 20 per cent post-consumer waste (collected from office waste). In addition, we provide a free scanning service on all library MFPs. Also USB scanners are available in some libraries.

All MFPs can be set to copy on both sides, and the two pages into one option is linked directly from the MFP display. We recycle all MFP and printer toner cartridges and provide paper recycling bins.

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While Web Print charges for a mono print on mono printers, documents can only be printed with the colour print cost available. Converting your document to mono will allow you to release a Web Print print job when you don't have the colour amount on your campus card.

Convert files to mono using:

Adobe Reader XI - For converting PDFs on Windows.

Preview - For converting PDFs on OSX.

These guides require you to have a PDF document, you can convert your document using the PDF conversion guides. If you do not have a newer version of Office or a Mac then you will need to use a PDF conversion too such as CutePDF. IS does not support these conversion tools.


Adobe Reader XI

For converting PDFs on Windows.

This guide for mono file creation will only work on the latest version of Adobe Reader, and cannot be followed on the IS computers.

Step one

Click File > Print.

 Step 1

Step two

Change the Printer drop down to Microsoft XPS Document Writer.

Check the Print in greyscale box.

Step 2 

Click Print.


Step three

Choose where to save the XPS file and click Save.

Step 3 

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For converting PDFs on OSX.

Step one

Click File > Export...

Step 1

Step two

In the Qwartz Filter drop down select Black and White.

Step 2

Click Save

Follow these additional steps to shrink the file size.

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