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Student Collaboration Tools allow students to organise events, and share and create collaborative documents, including text documents, webpages, spreadsheets, slides and more.

You have unlimited storage shared across the tools. Currently Student Email Drive and Student Sites cannot be accessed offline.

Further information:

How to get to the Student Collaboration Tools

Step one

Navigate to: Student Email

Log in using your Pheme credentials.

Step two

Select the nine boxes icon from the top right hand side, and then select either:

  • 'Calendar' for Student Calendaring 
  • 'Drive' for Student Email Drive
  • 'Sites' for Student Sites

Student Collaboration Tools

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Student Email Drive

Student Email Drive
Student Email Drive is a place to store, edit, share and create documents, files and folders.

With Student Email Drive you can upload most types of files, create text documents, spreadsheets and slide presentations, and you can then share and collaboratively edit these files with anyone. Use Student Email Drive to work on a group assignment or share your data or notes for exams and projects.

Student Email Drive is separate to the UniDrive and the Student Network Folder. Student Email Drive has more capacity and can be used collaboratively.

Student Email Drive Help

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Student Sites

Student Sites
Student Sites is a way of displaying information, photos and other media, documents, and calendars on a webpage.

With Student Sites you can embed files from your computer, from other Collaboration Tools and from the internet. You choose who can view and edit the information. No HTML or coding knowledge needed! Student Sites is ideal for creating a University Club page, or hosting a blog for an assignment.

Student Sites Help

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