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Student Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) support can provide assistance to students experiencing issues using our services from their laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Our services 

Student BYOD support can:

  • Help you install updates on your computer where required to access our services and provide advice on resolution if something goes wrong
  • Assist in the diagnosis of hardware issues and suggest appropriate resources for further diagnosis or repair
  • Advise if hardware issues may be virus related and direct you to appropriate assistance
  • Assist with Microsoft Office issues and attempt recovery of files where your work has been lost
  • Assist with configuration and setup of your device to work with our services, including Unifi and UniConnect where Library Information Desk staff have referred you for further help
  • Help you install central UWA software - Sophos, ArcGIS, Mathematica, SAS
  • Help you configure your browser to access UWA websites

Contact us

If you require support with any of the above services, please contact Library Information Desk staff.  If your issue cannot be resolved at the Information Desk, staff can refer you to and assist in requesting an appointment on your behalf with the student Bring-Your-Own-Device support team.

Student BYOD support operate on a 'best effort' basis to assist students with access to student IT services. Whilst all care will be taken in assisting you they act at your request and are not liable for any loss of data or functionality that may result. For specific hardware and virus issues BYOD support staff will advise that you seek professional assistance.

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