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Importing UWA Student Events to Student Calendaring

Further information


Follow these instructions to add the UWA Student Events calendar to your Student Calendaring using the iCalendar protocol.

The UWA Events page has information and times for events at UWA, and has a calendar of events specifically for students.

Step one

Navigate to: the UWA Events page.

On the top right in the ‘choose another calendar ….’ drop down box select ‘Student Events’.

Step 1.1 

Click 'View'.

Now in the bottom left hand side, right-click on 'iCalendar', and selecr the option to copy the link eg. 'Copy link address'.

Step 1.2

Step three

Navigate to: Student Email

Log in using your Pheme credentials.

Then select the nine boxes icon from the top right hand side, and then select ‘Calendar’

Step 3 

Step four

Locate the 'Other calendars' section on the left side of the page and click on the down arrow.

Step 4.1

Then select 'Add by URL'.

In the pop-up paste the iCalendar link.

Step 4.2

Click 'Add Calendar'.

You are done!

You should now see ‘Calendar was imported successfully.’

Step 5