University Library

Importing a group study room booking into Student Calendaring

Follow these instructions to import your group study room booking to your Student Calendaring using the booking confirmation email.

Step one

Navigate to Student Email
Log in using your Pheme credentials.

Click on the room booking confirmation email called ‘[Information Services Bookings] Room booking confirmed’.

Step 1.1

In the email click ‘Add to calendar’.

Step 1.2

This will open a new tab or window to Student Calendaring.

If you booked two separate rooms, or disparate times the automatic event will only cover the first room booked.

Step two

After updating any information you wish such as the description click ‘SAVE’.

Step 2

If you booked a room for two hours you now need to extend the event to cover the whole two hours.  

You are done!

You should now see a success message at the top of the screen. Step 3