University Library

Request an item in a library store

Further information

Part of the University Library collection is stored off site.

The Store Request service enables you to submit requests to access theses, books, maps, music scores, videos, journals and newspapers held in Library stores.

Who can use the service

The Store Request service is available to all University staff and students as well as other people wishing to access an item held at store. Retrieved items must be viewed and/or collected from a nominated subject library, except in cases where the material must be accessed within the Reid Library or Special Collections only. 

How to use the service

We need your personal details to identify your request(s) and so that you can check on the request's progress. Your contact details will need to be re-submitted at each session so please enter these consistently each time. You can place multiple requests at a single session.

Before making a request, please check OneSearch to obtain the details of the item.