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Renew an item on loan

Further Information

My Library Account

You can renew items on loan to you by using a Library computer, connecting remotely, or contacting the Library by telephone.


Follow these steps to renew your loans using this website:

  1. Go to My Library Account.
  2. Enter your details in the dialogue boxes displayed.
  3. Click on 'Renew all' to renew all loans, or tick loans to be renewed and click on 'Renew selected'
  4. To end the session, click on 'Sign out'


  • As long as an item is not overdue or required by another borrower, it may be renewed by accessing your record or by contacting the Library by telephone.
  • High Demand loans may be renewed for a maximum of 6 hours (not including overnight loan times); equipment loans may be renewed 3 times; all other loans may be renewed an unlimited number of times.
  • An overdue non-High Demand item may be renewed by contacting the Library by telephone. Have your borrower card at hand if you use this service.