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Access resources from outside UWA

Further information

Some of the Library's online resources are restricted so that they may only be accessed while at UWA. However, there are ways to get access when you're not at UWA.

If you are using a computer at home or at work, but are connected to a UWA faculty or school, then you will be on the UWA network and can access restricted online resources.

If you are using a computer at home, or at work, and are connected to the internet through a commercial internet service provider such as BigPond, iiNet or Westnet, or an organisation or institution other than UWA, then you will not be on the UWA network.

Restricted online resources

When subscribing to or purchasing online resources, some vendors limit the type of clients who can use the resource. In most cases resources subscribed to by the Library are restricted to use by UWA staff and students only.

Authenticated access

Before access to a restricted service is granted we will verify that you are a current UWA staff member or student.

This authentication may require you to enter your UWA staff or student number and Pheme password. Once verified you will be given access to the restricted resources.

Authenticated access is triggered automatically in our online services, however:

  1. You must navigate to the resource through this website and online services. The service may not operate if you type a URL directly into your browser.
  2. You must be a UWA staff or student.

Online resources available via authenticated access

Most online resources we subscribe to can be accessed from off campus.

Many popular database services including Web of Knowledge, Factiva, Ovid and ProQuest 5000 can be accessed from your home or office. UWA examination papers are also available for remote access.

The system has been designed so that if you attempt to access a restricted resource while not on the UWA network you will be automatically prompted to enter your UWA ID (staff or student) number and your Pheme password. 

If you wish to determine whether a resource is accessible via the authenticated access service, search for the resource in the Library catalogue, and click on the 'More Information' link. Resources accessible remotely will have an 'Authentication method' statement of 'available for remote access via authentication'.

Online resources not available via authenticated access

If you cannot access a resource from outside the UWA network you will be advised when you attempt to make the connection.

If you need to access resources and services which have not been made available via the authenticated access service, see the alternative access protocol VPN .