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Australian literature

The collection covers literary works produced in Australia or by Australian authors up to 1980. As well as literature, this collection includes materials in the area of history, politics,  exploration, social sciences, natural history, etc. that provides an historical setting for the development of Australian literature.

Australian Literary Manuscripts

A collection of personal papers from Australian authors like A.B. Facey, Arthur Upfield, Robert Drewe, John Kinsella, Tracy Ryan, Dave Warner, Dennis Haskell and Peter Cowan. The archives of the literary journal Westerly and local publishing house Access Press are also held.

Peter Cowan Collection of Australian Literature

Containing about 3000 volumes, this collection is especially strong in literary works of the later nineteenth and earlier twentieth centuries. It also includes material on Australian history, exploration, art and natural history.

William Grono Collection of Western Australian Poetry

Includes more than 700 volumes of poetry by W.A. authors published between 1908 and 2010 that have been collected by poet/lecturer, Bill Grono.

Graham Stone Collection of Science Fiction

One of the foremost authorities and collectors of Australian Science fiction, Graham Stone assembled a large assortment of overseas publications with Australian Science fiction content.