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UniDrive on Mac OSX

Further Information

Step one

Open Finder by clicking on the icon from the Dock.

OSX webdav - step 1 - Open Finder

Step two

Select the `Go? menu then `Connect to server...?

OSX webdav - step 2 - Go > Connect to Server

Step three 

In the `Server Address? field, enter the URL of the server you wish to connect to.
  • For your Student Network Folder use:
  • For access to other shared folders use:

OSX webdav - step 3 - Enter server address

Choose `Connect?

Step four

Next to `Connect as:?, make sure `Registered User? is selected.

OSX webdav - step 4 - Enter Pheme authentication credentials

Enter in your credentials and then choose `Connect?

NOTE: Your `Name? is your student number and your 'Password' is your Pheme password

If this is your personal computer, check the box for `Remember this password in my keychain?.

NOTE: This means that you (or anyone else using this device) will be able to access the contents of this folder without entering a password

Step five

If this is your first time connecting the `Verify Certificate? box will pop up, click `Show Certificate?

NOTE: If this isn't your first time connecting you may be able to jump to You Are Done! on this guide.

OSX web dav - step 5a - show certificate

Then select the check box next to 'Always trust'

OSX webdav - step 5b - Always trust certificate 

NOTE: You may be prompted for your computer credentials. `Name? is your computer username or name. `Password? is your computer password.

OSX webdav - step 5c - OSX admin authentication required

You are done!

You can now navigate to your network drive in Finder. It will display in the left column under Shared.

OSX webdave - final step - unidrive folder now available under shared drives in Finder 

Doesn?t work?

Help is available! But before coming for help, please try the following:

  • Double-check your student number and Pheme password are correct and have not expired.
  • Double-check you are correctly enrolled in at least one unit this semester

If it still doesn't work, contact the University Library.