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UniDrive on Apple iOS

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UniDrive on iOS [PDF, 234.0 KB]
Updated 8 Feb 2016

This setup guide provides users with the settings and details required for connecting your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device to UniDrive. You will need to download and install a WebDAV compatible client from the App Store first, before you will be able to access your UniDrive data from your Apple device.

Step one

Open your WebDAV compatible client. If you do not have one installed, you will need to obtain one from the App Store store first.

A blue icon indicating the App Store

Step two

You will need to add a new server to your WebDAV client. This will allow you to enter the following details to access Unidrive on your iOS device:

Server name: UniDrive
Server URL:

  • For your Student Network Folder use:
  • For access to other shared folders use:


  • Username is your Student Number (eg. 12345678)
  • Password is your Pheme Password
Enter the credentials

Save these settings.

You are done!

With these details you should now be able to access your Student Network Folder via your WebDAV client.

Doesn?t work?

Help is available! But before coming for help, please try the following:

  • Double-check your student number and Pheme password are correct and have not expired.
  • Double-check you are correctly enrolled in at least one unit this semester
If it still doesn?t work, contact the University Library.