University Library

UniDrive on Fedora Linux

Further Information

Step one

From the top right hand corner click ‘Activities’.

Select activities icon 

Then select the ‘Files’ icon from the Activities bar.

Select Files

Step two

From the top right click on ‘Files’ and then select ‘Connect to Server’.

Select files then select Connect to Server

Step three

In the ‘Server Address’ field, enter the address of the server you wish to connect to:

  • For your Student Network Folder use: davs://
  • For access to other shared folders use: davs://
Enter server address. Select connect.

Step four

Enter your Pheme credentials.

Enter your Pheme credentials. Select Connect.

  • The Username is your Student number (i.e. 12345678) and the Password is your Pheme password
    • If you are using a personal computer, make sure the ‘Remember forever’ option is checked.
    • NOTE: This means that you (or anyone else using this device) will be able to access the contents of this folder without entering a password

If you are NOT using a personal computer, make sure the ‘Remember password until you logout’ option is checked.

Click ‘Connect’.

Step five

The UniDrive folder will now be connected and open. It will be shown under the Network.

To bookmark UniDrive for later use, right click on '' and select 'Add Bookmark'.

Right click on unidrive. Select Add Boomark to save drive details.

You are done!

UniDrive should now be available in Files under Bookmarks.

Unidrive is now saved as a drive on your computer

Doesn’t work?

Help is available! But before coming for help, please try the following:

Double-check your student number and Pheme password are correct and have not expired.

Double-check you are correctly enrolled in at least one unit this semester

If it still doesn’t work, contact the University Library: