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The Library and University IT uses recycled paper in all MFPs. The paper is carbon neutral and manufactured from 20 per cent post-consumer waste (collected from office waste). In addition, we provide a free scanning service on all library MFPs. Also USB scanners are available in some libraries.

All MFPs can be set to copy on both sides, and the two pages into one option is linked directly from the MFP display. We recycle all MFP and printer toner cartridges and provide paper recycling bins.

Campus Card FAQ

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Libraries have facilities for students and staff to scan to email using a multifunction printer. USB scanners can be used by everyone, but are only available in the Barry J Marshall, EDFAA and Reid libraries.

Scanning to Email

    Library Print Stations - a spotters' guide

    To scan you will need a UWA campus card. Members of the public can purchase a guest printing card from an autoloader or borrow one from the Information Desk and send their scan to their personal email address.

    1. Tag your campus card on the panel below the display, over the words TAG YOUR UWA CAMPUS CARD HERE or log in by entering your Pheme credentials via the touch screen.. If you have print jobs waiting, select Use Copier. Select OK to confirm your account balance.
    2. Select Scan from the menu and refer to the following settings.
      Setting email destination
      • To send the scan to your UWA email address select Me in the address book and Close to accept confirmation of your email address.  To send to a different address select Direct Input and enter email address(es).
      Selecting file format
      • PDF compact is the default output file format.  To change this select the File Type option on the bottom of the screen.
      Scanning of document(s)
      • Place the document to be scanned into the autofeeder (on top of unit) or onto the flatbed.  If you have a double-sided document (autofeeder only), select the Simplex/Duplex option on the bottom of the screen and select 2-Sided.
      Single part scanning
      • Press the Start button on the photocopier to start the scan.
      Multiple part scanning
      • If you wish to scan multiple pages (flatbed scanning) or parts (autofeeder scanning) into a single file select the Separate Scan option on the bottom of the screen.

        Press the Start button on the photocopier to start the scan and follow the on screen prompts.  When you have scanned all pages that will make up the file, select Finish and press the Start button to send.

    3. Press the ACCESS button and select Yes to end your session.
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    MFP - Multifunction Printers
    All print and copy in A4 and A3 (mono and colour), and scan to email.

    USB Scanner
    USB Scanner
    These can only scan to USB. They are only available in Barry J Marshall, EDFAA and Reid Libraries.

    Scanning to USB

    1. Place loose paper to be scanned on the document feeder on the top of the USB scanner
      Place other documents to be scanned on the glass flatbed.
    2. Insert your USB to the USB port on the right hand side of the scanner and click OK.
    3. Select folder on the USB to scan to or create a new folder and choose the file type. We suggest PDF.
    4. Select More Options to select file type or quality.
    5. Hit the big green button on the USB scanner to start the scan.
    6. To add pages to the current file:
             Place more loose paper on the document feeder
             Place another documents on the glass flatbed, 
             Then pressScan.
    7. Click Finish once you have scanned all the pages that will make up the file.
    8. Do not remove your USB until data light (indicated by an hour glass) has stopped flashing.

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    Scanning Tips

      • A PDF file is the best file type for scanning texts and books.
      • If using the flatbed please assure that all A4 documents are portrait facing.
      • The copier and the USB scanner will default to scanning items in the document feeder.
      • When using the document feeder all pages will be scanned with one click of the green button.
      • Scanning to email defaults to the Compact PDF file type on Multifunction Printers
      • Depending on the size of the file it can take a short while to get to your UWA email inbox.
      • The more pages scanned the more likely to is that the print job may become corrupted. To protect against corruption scan in batches. For example select Finish after every chapter.

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