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The University Library uses recycled paper in all MFPs and printers. The paper is manufactured from 100 per cent post-consumer waste (collected from office waste). In addition, we provide a free scanning service on all library MFPs. Also USB scanners are available in some subject libraries.

All MFPs can be set to copy on both sides, and the two pages into one option is linked directly from the MFP display. We recycle all MFP and printer toner cartridges and provide paper recycling bins.

UWA Wireless Network: Unifi

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Students and staff are able to print from any Library computer or a laptop connected to Unifi.

The document sent to be printed, the print job, is held for 12 hours in the print queue to be printed at any Library print station using a campus card. There are two steps in printing your document, (1) Sending your job to the print queue, and (2) Using the Library Print Stations.

Step 1 - Sending the print job


    Using a Library computer to send the print job
    1. Log into any Library computer using your Pheme credentials.
    2. Open the document and print to the global print queue or select Albany if you're on the Albany campus.
    3. If your document is more than one page it will be printed double-sided and in colour for pages only with colour content.  To change these settings:
      • If you wish to print single sided click on Preferences or Properties > Finishing and untick Print on both sides
      • If you wish to print in black and white only (mono) click Preferences or Properties > Color and tick Print in Greyscale
    4. A file sent to the print queue will be held for 12 hours, and can be printed from any Library print station on your selected campus.
    Using your own laptop to send the print job (Web Print)
    1. Connect your laptop to Unifi.
    2. Navigate to: in your browser.
    3. Log in with your Pheme credentials OR the guest campus card username and the password "PRINT".
    4. Click Web Print on the left hand side and follow the prompts to select your location and printer queue, number of copies and to upload your document.  
    5. If you're having difficulty please follow our Web Print guide.

    General tips
    • Computers which can print globally are available throughout libraries and in every faculty computing lab.
    • If you are a member of the public without a Pheme account or campus card, or if you don't have your campus card handy, see an information desk available in subject libraries to borrow a guest campus card. Frequent visitors can purchase a printing card from an autoloader.
    • If you log into a Library computer as All other patrons you can print to the global queue but you will be prompted for your Pheme details OR the guest campus card username and the password "PRINT".
    • If the global print queue has failed to load, log out and log back into the computer.
    • Documents that are large or have images and algorithms can fail to print. You can use these document printing guidelines to ensure your document prints.
    • If printing in colour, only pages which contain colour content will be charged at the colour cost
    Web Print tips
    • Before you web print, your document must be saved as a permitted file type so you can upload it.


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    Step 2 - Releasing the print job


      Using a Library Print Station
      1. Place the campus card on the right hand side of the terminal, on top of the words Tag your card here to log into the terminal.
      2. Choose the job you wish to print and press print.


      • When using an MFP (a multifunction printer) you will need to select print on the terminal before the print jobs will be displayed.
      • If your job isn't displaying when you tag onto a terminal, check you're using the campus card that corresponds with the computer login.
      • Here is a list of all the Library Print Station Locations.
      • If you have chosen to print in colour the price will be listed for colour. If the document is being printed on a mono Library print station you will only be charged for a mono print job.
      • If your job is quite large it may take a while to print. Please wait until the data light has stopped flashing.
      • If your job fails to print, note the time, document title, any error messages on the Library Print Station and the status of the data light and report it to staff at an information desk.
      • To print you will need a UWA campus card. Members of the public can purchase a guest printing card from an autoloader.
      • If you replace your campus card you will not be able to use the old one if found again.
      • If you're forgotten your campus card or do not wish to purchase a guest printing card, there may be one for loan at the information desk.

      Library Print Stations - a spotters' guide



      Mono Printer
      Mono Printer
      These print only in A4 mono and are the most common printer.

      Colour Printer 
      Colour Printer

      These print in A4 in both mono and colour. They're only located in the Medical library and Science library and some faculties.


      All printers and copiers have a terminal attached.

      MFP - MultiFunction Printer 
      All print in A4 and A3 in both mono and colour. They can also scan and copy.





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