University Library

Student study spaces and audio visual equipment

UWA libraries have a range of spaces to support study and learning, as well as audio visual and multimedia facilities available for students. We also provide facilities for parenting students.

  1. Group study rooms and booths
  2. Postgraduate study spaces
  3. Learning spaces
  4. Training rooms
  5. Audio visual equipment
  6. Multimedia suite
  7. Parents' room
  8. Baby change facilities

Group study rooms and booths

Students can book a room or booth online

  • Up to 2 hours maximum, per day, per group
  • Up to 14 days in advance
  • Using your UWA student email account

Bookings can be made in one hour blocks during Library opening hours.

Please remember to:

  • Keep noise to a minimum - our group study rooms are not soundproof
  • Arrive on time
  • Cancel any bookings you no longer require
  • Check the location, room capacity, and IT facilities in each space before you book
  • Be familiar with the terms and conditions which you agree to when making a booking

Many of our rooms have a range of equipment perfect for group collaboration or practising presentations. Facilities include:

  • Large, wall mounted monitors
  • PCs that connect to wall mounted screens
  • Screens that can connect to your own device via HDMI or wirelessly via wePresent

Check the booking system to find out which equipment is available in each group study room or booth.  

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Postgraduate study spaces

Postgraduate study spaces are available to students enrolled in approved postgraduate courses for individual silent study. These spaces contain a range of equipment including PCs, desks with desktop power for laptops, lockers, and powered laptop lockers.

  • Use your student campus card to access this area
  • Desks are available on a first come first serve basis
  • Remember to take your belongings with you when you leave

These study spaces are located at:

  • Reid Library, Second Floor (133 desks)
  • Barry J Marshall Library, Third Floor (32 desks)

Current postgraduate students can request access to these rooms by contacting library staff at the Information Desk.  

The Faculty of Arts manages the allocation of lockable study carrels to Arts PhD students in Reid Library. Contact for more information about the carrels and other spaces for Arts PhD students within the Arts Faculty buildings.

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Learning spaces

UWA staff and students can book UWA Library learning spaces for the purposes of UWA teaching, research, and engagement. These spaces are available as collaborative study spaces when they are not booked.

The Circle in Reid Library is a large, flexible space that can be used for seminars, exhibitions, and teaching. Presentation facilities, including a drop down projector with wired or wireless display are available.

The Hemsley Learning Suite in Reid Library can be used for interactive tutorial style teaching. There are 8 large, wall mounted monitors which allow learners to connect their device via HDMI or wirelessly, and presentation facilities including a drop-down projector.

The Seminar room in the J Robin Warren Library allows for a flexible configuration of tables and chairs, and can be used for seminars, teaching and group activities. Presentation facilities including a drop down projector with wired or wireless display, are available.

You can submit a request to book a learning space online.

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Training rooms

Training rooms are used to hold workshops for UWA staff and students, with one PC at each desk to allow for online learning. All patrons are welcome to use the computers in the training rooms when there are no classes being held. All training rooms have projectors and equipment for presentations available for use.

Barry J Marshall Library
  • Teaching Room 1, Second floor - 13 PCs + Presenter PC
  • Teaching Room 2, Second floor - 23 PCs + Presenter PC
Education, Fine Arts and Architecture Library
  • Training Room, Basement - 16 PCs
Beasley Law Library
  • Training Room 1, Level 1 (Ground floor) - 16 PCs + Presenter PC
  • Training Room 2, Level 2 (First floor) - 28 PCs
J Robin Warren Library
  • Computer Training Room, Level 1 - 20 PCs + Presenter PC
Reid Library
  • Training Room 1, Level 1 - 20 PCs + Presenter PC

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Audio visual equipment

Facilities to play DVDs are available on all library PCs. Our audio visual equipment is available to all UWA staff and students, with some facilities available to community members and visitors.

Barry J Marshall Library
Digital whiteboards which allow for text written on them to be saved to a USB are available in Group study rooms 9,10 & 12. Webcams and headphones are available in Multimedia rooms 1,2 & 4. A Lumens visual presenter camera is available in Multimedia room 4, which allows hardcopy documents to be magnified and projected onto the display. 
Education, Fine Arts and Architecture Library
Digital whiteboards, webcams, and headphones are available in Group study rooms 1 - 4.
Beasley Law Library
1 TV and VCR/DVD player are available in Group study room 2.  

Music Library
3 listening booths with CD players, cassette decks and headphones are available. 2 of the listening booths have turntables for vinyl LP recordings. 1 VCR player and 1 VCR/DVD player are available.
Reid Library
1 VCR/DVD player, 1 Blu-ray player and 1 radio/cassette/CD player are available on Level 3.

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Multimedia suite 

The Adobe Creative Cloud suite is available on the 8 multimedia PCs on the First floor of the Barry J Marshall Library, and has a range of graphic design, photo and video editing, and web development software. Access to the suite is only available to UWA staff and students and you must log in with your UWA Pheme account.                                                                                                                              

ProgramWhat's it for?
After EffectsCreates special effects on videos, allows creation of complex animated text and much more
AuditionAudio editing. Cut and paste bits of audio tracks together, clean up buzzing and other artifacts in poor quality audio, add distortion and effects to audio, and a lot more
BridgeHelps organise image files created with Adobe software
DreamweaverWebsite creation
Edge AnimateWeb animation tool
Extend Script ToolkitCreate, edit and debug JavaScript to be used for scripting Adobe applications
FireworksImage editor for web design
FlashbuilderProfessional grade development tool for rapidly creating games and applications for the web and mobile devices
Flash ProfessionalVector graphic animation software
IllustratorVector graphics (images not made of a grid of pixels, and can be scaled up without “pixellation”) software for creating logos, drawings, typography etc.
InCopyAllows collaborative editing on a document to edit layout, typesetting etc.
InDesignGraphic design software
Media EncoderRenders Premiere Pro and After Effects files into shareable video files
MuseWebsite creation without writing code. Create a webpage like it’s a Photoshop document
PhotoshopImage editing. Allows editing of existing digital photographs, or can be used for digital illustration
PreludeTagging and ‘logging’ of video footage to improve video workflow in Premiere Pro
Premiere ProVideo editing. Cut together video and audio files. Add basic titles and effects, and colour grade visuals with Lumetri. (For advanced effects, use After Effects)
SpeedGradeColour grading software

Library staff are not able to provide support in the use of multimedia software. Online help is available however through Adobe, and VTC's online training. To access VTC, please log in with the following credentials:

  • Username: uwalearn
  • Password: uwa1913 

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Parents' room

There is a Parents' Room located on the first floor of the Barry J. Marshall Library equipped with:

  • two computers for study
  • a screened-off area with a comfortable chair for breastfeeding or expressing milk
  • a power outlet
  • a fridge for temporary storage of milk and baby food
  • toys and children’s books
  • a nearby baby change facility and toilet

Please do not leave children unattended in this room or anywhere in the library. Children under the age of 15 must be supervised by a parent/guardian at all times. Please see the Children on the University Campus Policy for more information.

Current staff and students can request access to this room by contacting the Barry J Marshall Library Information Desk. Parents will be requested to provide their staff or student identification and verification that they have a child or children by presenting:

  • their child’s birth certificate,
  • a Medicare card (showing dependents)
  • their child's passport, or
  • other evidence of parentage.

Access will be via campus card and will last for the duration of enrolment/employment.

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Baby change facilities

Baby change facilities are located in:

  • Barry J Marshall Library: Unisex toilet, first floor (room 120)
  • Reid Library: Unisex toilet, first floor (room 105)

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