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Digitised items made available through Course Materials Online do not need to be borrowed.


Information on how to place items in the High Demand Collection is available.

The High Demand Collection contains physical course material items essential for your units. It is separate from the main collection and consists of items in high demand, including books, audiovisual material and, where appropriate, course readers.

Items in the High Demand Collection for your unit can be located through OneSearch and form part of Course Materials Online.

Each library at UWA has its own High Demand Collection.

Items in the High Demand Collection have a limited borrowing time of three hours.

  1. Borrowing
  2. Renewing
  3. Booking
  4. Returning items
  5. Penalties for overdue items


UWA Students, Staff, and Visitor Card holders may borrow a maximum of two High Demand items at a time for three hours. Items may be taken out of the library.

High Demand items borrowed after 5pm (Mon-Thurs) or 2pm (Fri-Sun) will check out for an overnight loan, due 9am (Mon-Fri) and 10am (Sat/Sun)

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You may renew your High Demand loans via My Library Account or by contacting the University Library. Loans may be renewed within one hour of the due time. Loans may also be renewed by using the self-check machine, or in person at the Information Desk.

The maximum renewal time for an item is 6 hours in total. Overnight High Demand loans cannot be renewed the following morning.

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High Demand Collection items cannot be booked.

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Returning items

High Demand items should be returned to the designated High Demand returns area of the library where you borrowed the item. They should not be returned through the main returns chutes. Each library has an overnight returns chute where you can also return items after hours.

At the Reid, Beasley Law, Barry J Marshall and EDFAA libraries, you are required to return items yourself using the self-check machine.

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Penalties for overdue items

Failing to return High Demand material promptly inconveniences other users. Items not returned or renewed within the three hour loan period will incur penalties. For example, an item due at 2pm will accrue a $3 fine if returned or renewed at 2.30pm. If returned at 3.30pm, $6 will accrue.

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