Students and security display cabinet donated by Friends of the Library

The Friends of the University of Western Australia Library have been supporting the Library since 1963.

Founded in 1963 the Friends of the University Library is the oldest of all the now numerous University support organisations known as ‘Friends’. Its main purpose – then as now – is the acquisition of rare and valuable books beyond the capacity of the Reid Library budget.

The Friends contributed to the Reid Library’s Ground Floor Renovation in 2016 with the purchase of a new exhibition cabinet to showcase the Library’s special collections. In 2013 the Friends made a major donation to the Library in honour of UWA’s centenary year. Money is raised through the monthly lecture series at which a small charge is made for visitors. The latter activity has become a significant development in UWA’s community outreach, for although the invited speakers may be specialists in a particular field (usually, but not exclusively in the Humanities) they are encouraged to communicate in a way that can be enjoyed by a general audience.

Over the years speakers have ranged from eminent people such as Michael Kirby to young researchers who can project their enthusiasm for their subject and who provide a glimpse into the richness of scholarship evident at UWA and other organisations. Writers, historians, artists, musicians as well as scientists, mathematicians and many others have covered an enormous diversity of topics since the Friends of the Library was founded nearly fifty years ago. These meetings take place on the second Tuesday of each month (from March to October) in the Reid Library, and, in a delightfully old-fashioned college tradition, the Friends offer sherry at 7.00 before the lecture begins at 7.30pm.

Friends of the University Library offers a companionable opportunity for those who enjoy the distinct pleasure of broadening one’s interests and meeting gifted men and women who enjoy communicating their enthusiasm for their subject. Our Friends generate interest in the Library, acquire donations to support our services and collections, and are entitled to special Friends benefits.



Friends of the UWA Library members receive:

  • A regular newsletter.
  • An invitation to the annual Christmas party held in the Library.
  • Free lectures and guided tours.
  • Eligibility to apply for Friends of the Library Affiliate membership, which gives borrowing rights at the Library.

How to become a Friend

You can become a Friend of the UWA Library for 12 months for $30 – any other donation is tax-deductible. 

Further information can be obtained from Kathryn Maingard (+61) 6488 2356 or email