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The University Library is focussed on continual improvement and operational excellence, through measuring what we do, benchmarking against others and reporting to the UWA community.

We proactively listen to students and respond. We undertake a regular student survey and received the highest overall student satisfaction rating of all Group of Eight university libraries in 2015.

You can provide feedback to the University Library in a number of ways:
  • Via your student leaders (we meet regularly with the Guild President, Postgraduate Student Association President and other student society leaders)
  • Submit a suggestion
  • AskUWA
  • Respond to our student satisfaction survey (May 2017)
Take a look below to see how we have responded to your feedback:



"For the love of God and all things good in this world can you please open access to the 1st floor again. SO ANNOYING."

- Response to the Reid Library Ground Floor Refurbishment First Impressions Survey


Further consideration of the first floor entrance and balcony is in progress - effective September 2016

The future of the first floor entrance and the Reid balcony are being considered together with Campus Management. At the current time, the Library can only maintain the security of one entrance/exit to the Reid Library. The Ground Floor entrance has been prioritised as it is universally accessible, close to the car park and well-lit walkways.


"Relaxation zone and sleep zone would be helpful during exams."

- Response to the Reid Library Ground Floor Refurbishment First Impressions Survey


Seating for relaxation provided - effective August 2016

The Reid Library Ground Floor includes comfortable seating for relaxation (‘sway chairs’ and couches) along the south side of the floor. Other ‘resting’ furniture such as couches and arm chairs can be found in various locations in our six campus libraries. After discussion with other sections of the University including the Student Guild, the Library has decided that sleeping pods do not necessarily promote a healthy study-life balance and at this stage will not be introduced.


"Make booths reserve-able so groups can use them and screen facilities - otherwise single people use them."

- Response to the Reid Library Ground Floor Refurbishment First Impressions Survey


Study booths to become bookable in 2017 - effective March 2017

In response to feedback, the Reid Library Ground Floor study booths will become bookable from Semester 1, 2017. The Library and Schin Architects are also considering options to increase booth-like facilities in the Library.


"Seems too small for the exam rush."

- Response to the Reid Library Ground Floor Refurbishment First Impressions Survey


Increased seating in Reid Ground Floor in 2017 - effective March 2017

The Library intends to increase the seating in the Reid Library Ground Floor to alleviate demand, with additional seats arriving in time for the start of the 2017 academic year.


"Anonymous mobile sms line to deal with noisy students in libraries"

- Anonymous via Suggestions


Please Assist Me (PAM) SMS Service - effective March 2016

Library users can now SMS library staff without leaving their study space. This service will be useful to report any problems spaces, facilities or equipment, or let us know if something is disturbing your ability to work in the Library. There is a different number for each subject library.


"I really enjoy getting stuck into work and not having to get up and go outside to eat."

- Undergraduate Engineering student via InSync 2015


Food and Drink policy change - effective March 2016

In response to your feedback, the University Library is making a change to provide a more flexible study space for students on campus.
Library users are now able to enjoy studying with sustenance in the UWA libraries, in accordance with a new library policy on food and drink.


"More user friendly interface for OneSearch"

- Undergraduate Medicine, Dentistry & Health Sciences student


Improved OneSearch - effective December 2015

We’ve implemented new features to improve your search experience, including the ability to personalise results, ‘did you mean’ suggestions, citation linker, targeted ‘Learn more’ links to LibGuides on OneSearch homepage, and more.


"Access to ebooks must be available for longer duration."

- Postgraduate Engineering student via InSync 2015


Longer ebook loans where possible - effective December 2015

In response to feedback from students for longer loan periods for eBooks, we are currently trialling longer loan periods where possible. As a result, all owned EBL and EBSCO eBook titles are now available to loan for to 28 days. We will be closely monitoring any impact this change may have on availability. The new loan lengths have been added to the eBook Guide.


"I would benefit from some training in moderately common programmes such as Microsoft Word, Excel, database packages and Adobe packages such as Indesign."

- Postgraduate Arts student via InSync 2013


Access to Online Training for staff and students - effective September 2014

UWA staff and students now have access to a large collection of online training videos and courseware. The training videos cover popular programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as more specialised software packages such as Adobe and AutoDesk.


"Need the ability to connect more than 2 devices on wifi."

- Undergraduate Business student via InSync 2013


Connect three devices at once - effective October 2014

Are you an avid multi-tasker with more devices than hands? You can now connect three devices to Unifi at once. Find out more on the Unifi webpage.


"Improved printing functionality for the webprint resource would be really useful. For example - the option to print double sided."

- Undergraduate Law student via InSync 2013


Double-sided printing now available - effective February 2015

In response to student feedback, new features have been added to WebPrint and print jobs will now default to double-sided black and white. Additionally, students at the Perth and Albany campuses will be able to choose either single or double-sided printing for both colour and black and white print jobs.


"I would like to see more obvious/better links to the OneSearch facility."

- Undergraduate Medicine student via InSync 2013


New Library website - effective February 2015

The new Library website has been designed to give greater visibility to the OneSearch search bar and it is now one of the main features on the homepage.


"Search history especially for OneSearch will be handy. This allows students to re-find what they might have (accidentally) came across while searching (e.g Journals) for assignments which they believe to be relevant later on in their assignment."

- Undergraduate Science student via InSync 2013


Saved searches in OneSearch - effective December 2014

A new feature in OneSearch is the ability to save your search results using the e-Shelf. You can even create an RSS feed to alert you when new materials become available on this topic. Make sure you sign in OneSearch to use this feature. More information is available in the OneSearch Guide.


"Maybe it would be helpful to have a page of all online journal databases that you can "browse" and gain access to from there - sometimes using onesearch you have to go a few search results down to find the correct one."

- Undergraduate Law student via InSync 2013


A-Z e-journals in OneSearcheffective December 2014

You can now access lists of UWA-subscribed e-journals (listed A-Z) and databases (grouped by subject area) in OneSearch.


"School IT support in Singapore offers installation of Microsoft OS, Microsoft Office, Anti-Virus and softwares pertaining to course of study for free."

- Undergraduate Business student via InSync 2013


Office 365 for Students now availableMarch 2015

Thanks to a new agreement between UWA and Microsoft, all current UWA students can now download and install the full Microsoft Office 365 suite for free on their personal devices, and also access 1TB of cloud storage in OneDrive!


"For OneSearch, please change the sort by date function so that we are not limited to the most recent publications. An adjustable date range is a much more useful search criteria. For example being able to set a publication date criteria between 1930 and 1940 which is currently impossible."

- Undergraduate Science student via InSync 2013


Enhanced search and refine options in OneSearcheffective December 2015

You can now refine your search in OneSearch to display results published between specific date ranges. Simply use the Expand My Results options on the left-hand side


"May I suggest you to have a look at subscribing to the new database Clinicalkey."

- Anonymous via Suggestions


ClinicalKey now availableeffective May 2015

UWA Library has recently subscribed to ClinicalKey, a major source for evidence-based practice information. ClinicalKey replaces MD Consult and content is updated on a daily basis.


"I think access to phone/tablet chargers in the Reid would be a fantastic idea!"

- Anonymous via Suggestions


ChargeBars now available - January 2014

Due to popular demand, we've installed more mobile phone/tablet charging stations. You can now find ChargeBars in every subject library so you’ll never run out of battery again!


"I do hope Reid Library would have a decent make-over."

- Undergraduate Med Student via InSync Survey


Reid Refurbishment works - January-February 2014

The First Floor of the Reid Library has been undergoing some improvements over the long vacation, including new paintwork and carpet and a new repositioned Service Point.

"There needs to be vastly better supply of wireless internet in the Reid, in some places the signal is poor."

- Undergraduate Med Student via InSync Survey


Increased wireless capacity in Reid - effective Semester 1, 2014

As part of the Reid Library refurbishment, we will be significantly increasing the wireless capacity throughout the building.

"I hope I could learn about library services through facebook and newsletter."

- Undergraduate Science Student via InSync Survey


University Library on Facebook and Twitter

You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter to hear about new services, resources, opening hours and training sessions.

"Security seems to be an issue for some people so maybe more patrols by security?"

- Undergraduate Law Student via InSync Survey


Increased security patrols - effective 2014

UWA Security now patrols the subject libraries more frequently.

"2 hours for the reserve collection in the library is not enough time for me to adequately use the book."

- Undergraduate Law Student via InSync Survey


Extended High Demand Loans - effective Semester 1, 2014

We have extended the loan period for essential textbooks from 2 hours to 3 hours. More information is available on our High Demand Collection page.

"More ebooks should be made available. It is easier to carry them around and search for information contained in it."

- Undergraduate Science Student via InSync Survey


Increased eBook purchasing - effective 2014

Due to increasing demand for ebook availability, we have recently introduced a strategy to purchase ebook versions of texts instead of print wherever possible

"For some reason it takes much longer to log in to library computers this year compared to last year - in some cases up to 4 minutes. The screen declares it is 'loading Media Player preferences' when I don't even use Media Player"

- Undergraduate Science student via InSync Survey


We have identified the cause of the Windows Media Player preferences issue and a fix has been applied to all subject library computers.


"It would be really great if Google calendars were enabled through our Gmail accounts"

- Anonymous via Suggestions


Student Calendaring now available - effective Semester 2, 2013

You now have access to Student Calendaring functionality through your student e-mail account. More information is available on our Student Calendaring page.


"Would really love some more obvious 'this is a quiet area' posters"

- Undergraduate Science student via InSync Survey


New study zone signage - effective Semester 2, 2013

We have created new signage for use in our subject libraries to highlight the various study zones such as collaborative, quiet study and silent study.


"Use places like social media or signage on screens in libraries to promote available library services like borrowing out lockers etc"

- Undergraduate Medicine, Dentistry & Health Sciences student via InSync Survey


New services screensavers - effective 2013

We have introduced screensavers on display screens in the subject libraries to promote new services and upcoming events. STUDYSmarter are also using these screens to advertise their workshops and sessions held in the subject libraries


"There needs to be a better (group study room) booking system than scribbling your student number on a piece of paper. Maybe try an online system"

- Undergraduate Medicine, Dentistry & Health Sciences student via InSync Survey


Online group study room booking system - effective Semester 2, 2013

From Semester 2 you will be able to book group study rooms online. More information is available on the rooms and equipmentpage.


"Can the Edfaa library open at 8am on weekdays? Due to limited campus parking you need to be here around 8am to get a spot’"

- Anonymous via Suggestions


Extended EDFAA opening hours - effective 2013

EDFAA Library is now open at 8am on weekdays during Semester. More information about subject libraries opening hours is available on the opening hours page.


"Wireless printing would be good."

- Undergraduate Science student via InSync Survey


Web printing now available - effective 2013

You can now print wirelessly at over 100 locations across campus. More information is available on the printing, copying and scanning page.


"In the Reid Library, there are several areas where books are quite antiquated, and many times there are multiple copies of the same book. It would make sense that the library clears at least *some* of these old editions and makes room for more desks and tables and computers"

- Anonymous via Suggestions


Reid Library stock relocation - effective Semester 2, 2013

We have relocated collections in the Reid Library from the First Floor to the Second and Third Floors. Extra study carrels and desks will be made available on the First Floor and the relocated collections will be shelved in sequential order


"It would be really good if there were a way to access the temporary document folder (saved on the library computers) from home/another computer"

- Anonymous via Suggestions


UniDrive gives you easy online access to your UWA storage - effective April 2013

IS have implemented a new service to allow you to access your own personal storage space via the Internet from any computer, either at home, on campus, or in fact, anywhere with internet access. More information is available at: http://www.is.uwa.edu.au/current-students/it-help/storage


"The fines are a bit heavy for only having the book for a few hours. We poor students need all the money we have!"

- Postgraduate Student via InSync Survey


Changes to fines - effective Semester 1, 2013

Fines on High Demand items have been reduced from $5 per hour per item to $3 per hour per item. The fine is only payable when you accumulate $24 or more in fines. Recalled and 3 day loan items have also been reduced from $5 per item per day to $3 per item per day. More information is available on our Penalties and Payments page.


"There are many of us who would gladly utilize the library all weekend if only it were open to us"

- Anonymous via Suggestions


Extended opening hours on the weekend - effective Semester 1, 2013

The Reid Arts and Business Library is now open from 7:30am – 2am Saturday and Sunday throughout Semester and 24/7 during assessment weeks.


"I think you need to fix the ability to renew books online, it's really annoying having to renew them physically"

- Undergraduate Law student via InSync Survey


Unlimited renewals - effective Semester 1, 2013

We have removed the cap on renewing all items. You can now renew items as many times as you need to (including all main collection texts/AV items, as well as the High Demand books) so long as they have not been requested by someone else. You can renew either online via My Library Account or by contacting the Library. For more information, please see our High Demand collection page.


"I know the library likes to show off its new books but I would like to be able to go to the library and borrow them straight away, not be forced to wait a week so the library can put it on display"

- Anonymous via Suggestions


New books now available for loan immediately - effective Semester 1, 2013

We have removed the waiting period for new books once they arrive in the subject libraries. As a result, new books are now available for loan as soon as they arrive instead of going on display for a week.