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History of Computing at UWA

The early history of computing at UWA has been documented by Professor Alex Reid, former director (1979-1991) of the Western Australian Regional Computing Centre (WARCC).

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The IBM 1620 was the first computer in Western Australia and was delivered to UWA in September 1962. The main panel and typewriter of the computer are still intact and have been incorporated into a reconstructed console, which has been on display around the University; in the Science Library late in 2012 as pictured and as of July 1st 2013 it is currently on display in the the Computer Science lobby. IBM 1620 console with keyboard


The Digital Equipment Corp PDP-6 was the first time-shared computer at UWA; it was delivered to the University in May 1965 and became the world’s first commercially-delivered time-shared computer. Dennis Moore with the DEC PDP-6


Western Australian Regional Computing Centre (WARCC) was established in 1972.  The CDC Cyber 72 was the first computer of the WARCC, the console is currently housed in a UWA store. CDC Cyber 72

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The following documents are provided courtesy of Professor Alex Reid

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